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The four waters of Boario Terme are truly a source of well-being and their benefits are appreciated day after day throughout the year. Their precious qualities come from the natural environment of the Alps which surround the Camonica Valley.

The waters with presence of sulfate – bicarbonate – calcium – magnesium (at cold temperature 13-15 C°) are purified and enriched with the precious mineral elements, creating therefore their therapeutic properties.
The mineral elements present in the springs have different concentration levels and this makes the waters suitable for different therapeutic applications in prevention, care and rehabilitation.
The waters from Terme di Boario are well known for mitigating disorders in the digestive and liver systems due to stress and tensions from the everyday life. Drinking these waters and enjoying the Park are ideal for anyone who has a hectic and intense life.

Antica Fonte water
Due to the optimal content and combination of sulfate, bicarbonate and calcium, this water benefits the liver, bile ducts and intestine when drunk warm, stimulating the physiological process of the digestive apparatus. Suggested for digestion disorders, gallbladder diseases, irritable bowel, diverticular diseases and constipation.
Fausta water
It helps for a correct bowel activity/operation and lowers the intestine spasms. Suggested to mitigate bowel disorders often due to stress such as: irritable bowel, chronic constipation, abdominal bloating and bile flow disorders.
Igea water

This water is ideal to activate the water exchange in the body’s tissue. It helps the bile ducts and digestive apparatus to eliminate metabolic wastes. The water benefits the digestion and the prevention of kidney stones, and exercises an anti-inflammatory function over the urinary and genital tracts.
Boario water
The water is characterized by purify and detoxify proprieties for the digestive and urinary apparatus. It benefits the digestions and is suggested in case of cystitis, kidney stones and, thanks to its low sodium content, water trapped in our body’s tissue.
Due to the balanced content of calcium and magnesium, the water is ideal for daily consumption in all ages.



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