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The Terme di Boario represents today a well-being thermal center which aims to create a tourism that cares about health and environment. In 2008, the center was completely renovated, with particular attention to the Liberty cupola, the Park and the therapy center.
The SPA treatments offer a new way to experience the thermal baths, linked to the centenary tradition but reconsidered in a modern and contemporary context.
The excellence of the new thermal center is recognised in 2010 by CERAM (Centro Europeo di Ricerca Acque Minerali) which awarded the four waters of the Terme di Boario with the "Premio Europeo Qualità Acque Minerali".

The history of Boario Terme as an excellent therapy center started at the end of the eighteenth century with the building of the Casinò Boario, a place that offered “healthy magnesium waters” as reported by Antonio Bazzini in the newspapers “Cronaca di Lovere”.

The first ever mention of “medical springs” is from Father Gregorio Brunelli (Camonica Valley - 1698), even though the therapeutic properties of thermal waters has been known since the XV century and reported by prestigious doctors.

In the nineteenth century with the trend “passare le acque” becoming fashionable, Boario Terme represented a cultural and elite center for the wealthy bourgeoisie: in this period the Antica Fonte water is sold in the Milanese apothecary and seen as a panacea.

One of the most known enthusiasts of the water was Alessandro Manzoni who, with a letter still achieved in the Terme di Boario, ordered more than a hundred bottles: along with his wife Teresa Stampa, he experienced and highly appreciated the extraordinary therapeutic effectiveness of these waters.

The Liberty cupola was built in 1913 using white marble: one time it was used by orchestra, nowadays is the symbol of the Terme di Boario.
The history of Terme di Boario and its tradition cross three centuries: as the idiom says “Boario water, centennial liver!”


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