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Fango Terme di Boario - Thermal mud for your skin

The Fango Terme di Boario is very active in killing bacteria on the skin and preventing or eliminating acne. Below are some further properties of thermal mud:

  • Antiseptic: Destroys pathogenic agents without attacking adjacent healthy tissue.
  • Absorbing: Drains infections and absorbs excess fluid.
  • Remineralising Equilibrium: Transmits necessary mineral salts to organisms for biological equilibrium.
  • Rebalancing System: Provides sufficient mineral salts to enhance the skins’ natural immune system.
The thermal mud as used in our skin care products consists of thermal mud in mineral spa water. The contact that the mud has with Antica Fonte mineral water from is the reason that it is particularly rich in minerals.
Thermal mud is excellent for use in skin regeneration because the clays have a very strong affinity for moisture in the skin. Thermal mud on drying will generate heat, increasing blood circulation and perspiration helping toxins and other wastes to be eliminated. The clay surfaces are highly active and will easily absorb excess oils and fatty secretions from within the skin’s pores.
The Fango Terme di Boario is available in packs of 150 grams or 450 grams.
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