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Remise en forme

Remise en Forme is the new dedicated space Terme di Boario offers to guests who are looking for thermal wellbeing. The 150 plus years of experience and the 5,000 massages performed annually signify the excellence of our center in this segment. All our treatments are performed in single, silent and private rooms, the ideal setting to relax!

During the thermal treatments a layer of 5-10 cm of thermal mud at a temperature of 42 C° is applied over the body of the patient or to the specific part needing the treatment; then the patient is covered with a warm cloth and a wool blanket to slow down the cooling. The treatment lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and ends with a shower to wash the mud away and an ozonated bath treatment at a temperature of 37 C° for 5-10 minutes. After the bath, the patient rests in a dedicated room and lies down in a bed for 30 minutes, covered adequately to allow the sweating reaction.

The sessions often continue with a pleasant thermal massage, the best treatment of Terme di Boario, for which the expertise of our personnel becomes an “art” of instilling wellbeing in guests. Due to the specific technics applied, the thermal massage mitigates fatty lumps, stimulates the bloodstream and vital energy, and besides creates a wellbeing sensation and relaxation.
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