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Fonte Essenziale

Fonte Essenziale is the mineral natural water Antica Fonte of Terme di Boario, which, day by day, helps people to find well-being and regularity for liver and intestine.

The natural action of thermal water, with low sodium and rich in sulphates and magnesium, makes Fonte Essenziale the perfect water for liver and intestine purification and correct work.

Fonte Essenziale was born in Terme di Boario, in Camonica Valley, under Monte Altissimo.

It's rich in solphatus, magnesium and calcium (75%  of the daily recommended dose in a liter of water). It's ideal for bones and also for a low salt diet.

This water has been identified by the Ministry of Health with the DM n° 3239-036 of 30/12/99, like a water that can have laxative and diuretic effects and a particular action on the liver functions.

Waters of Terme di Boario are famous for the cure of gastrointestinal problems, often caused by everyday life stress. There are 4 types of thermal waters, which gush from different springs of the same basin. Each water has a particular action, a different mineral concentration and is used for different problems. Two of them are sold in markets, Fonte Essenziale and Boario, whereas Fausta and Igea are available only in Terme di Boario. Boario is famous for its waters since 1700, but still today many people choose this center for thermal cures. The structure offers a doctor, who gives an advice about the type of water to drink and the correct way to do the cure:


– Each glass of water (200cc) should be drunk in 10-15 minutes, better walking.

– Between a glass of water and another people should wait at least 10 minutes

– People should have breakfast 30 minutes after the cure


Discover Antica Fonte and enjoy a holiday of health and wellness in Terme di Boario!!


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