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Specialized Outpatient Clinic

The Terme di Boario specialist clinic intends to take care of your health in a complete manner, by providing a team of specialized professionals. Below is a list of the visits you can make at our facility



Dr. Paola Guizzardi and Dr. Olivari Francesco

Personalized nutritional path lasting three months which includes: medical examination, food history, impedance measurement, plicometry, food plan, telephone and email assistance, free check-up visit.


Cardiology Arithmology

Dr. Bontempi Luca - ATS Spedali Recent, Brescia

Visit + Electrocardiogram



Dr. Viotti Fabio - ASST Valcamonica

First Surgical Visit - First vascular surgical examination

Surgical check-up - Vascular check-up surgical examination

Echocolordoppler lower limbs

Ecocolordoppler supraaortic trunks


Vascular surgery

Dr. Zauli Sajani Maria

First angiological examination

Angiological examination visit




Dr. Bertelli Cesare - Asst Valcamonica

Nephrological visit + ultrasound



Dr. Bianchi Marta - Asst Valcamonica

First neurological examination

Neurological examination visit



Dr. Ghargozloo Dariush - Asst Valcamonica

Dr. Rita Alessandro

First orthopedic visit

Orthopedic examination visit




Dr. Martinazzoli Paola

Osteopathy session


Diagnostic Radiology

Dr. Gheza Giuseppe - ASST Valcamonica

Dr. Delfino Monica

Moc Colonna + Femore

Moc Colonna

Moc Femur

Total Body Moc


Nasal Cytology - Pathological Anatomy

Dr. Gozzi Michela

Professor Fiaccavento Sergio

Nasal cytology exam

With nasal cytology an accurate study of the pseudostratified epithelium of the nasal mucosa is possible, which recognizes the presence and the different distribution of cellularity, to be proposed in a rhinocitrogram, with a view to a correct evaluation of the inflammatory state of the nasal mucosa. The sampling is painless and is carried out without the need for anesthesia, in a few seconds, even in children; with a sterile plastic curette, a sample of cells is taken from the most superficial mucosa layer inside the nasal cavity. The sampling will then be analyzed by specialists in Pathological Anatomy - Nasal Cytology.

For more information please contact our medical staff

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